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If what you want done isn't on our list please call for a quote. Minimum shop charges apply to small, one-piece items. Additional shop charges may apply if extra preparation work is needed to remove oils, tape or other materials that may impact our water image printing process. Please ask for details. All items need to be paid for in full before any work can begin.

Electronics and Special Items

Our waiver form will need to be filled out for all electrical components and items that are not waterproof or could be damaged or affected by water and our dipping process.

Shipping and Order Processing

An order form needs to be filled out completely when shipping to Adaptive Graphx so that we can ensure your item is processed to your request. Shipping charges are not included in our pricing and are an additional charge.

All items, parts or pieces that are brought in will need to be disassembled by the customer before any work can be done.


Waiver form
Order form


Most items/parts will be quoted on a "price per square foot" cost, but that is not always the case. We have very reasonable pricing. Most of the time we are less expensive than spray on liners, powder coating and definitely less expensive than custom hand painted work. Samples are available to take home or show clients.

Shipping information:

Pack your item with protective material so that no damage will occur during transport. It would be a good idea to purchase insurance to protect against loss or damage. Allow 1-3 weeks to complete your order, shipping time not included.