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The water dipping process seems simple but is actually very detailed and difficult at times depending on the item being processed.

1. We strip and clean the part. The part must be clean of all dirt, oils, paints and other items that can have an affect on the finished product.prep
2. Prep the part. Depending on the material certain steps are taken to get the part ready to have a primer coat put on the product.
3. Paint the part. Base coat paint is applied, either specified for custom orders or colors specified for film applications.
4. Dip the part. The product is submerged in water where the pattern, which is printed on a specialized PVA film designed to float on the surface of water... this is the tricky part.
5. Finish-coat the part. Choice of flat, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish coats.
6. QA the part. We put the part through a complete quality assurance screening before it is ready for the customer.